What Is The Coldest Month In San Diego?

What is the coldest month in San Diego?

For those of us who love the winter season, we don’t mind the chill in the air as long as we have our sweaters and boots on! But for those who aren’t so fond of the cold, January is the absolute worst month of the year. It’s so cold that people stay indoors as much as possible, making it one of the least crowded months for business and tourism.


According to the National Weather Service, January is the coldest month in the Southwestern United States. On average, the temperature hovers around 55 degrees in the coastal areas and 65 degrees in the mountains. The warmest spot in California is Death Valley, which sees temperatures rise to over 100 degrees in the summer.

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The coldest month in San Diego is January. On average, temperatures reach a high of 61 degrees in January and a low of 43 degrees. While it may seem like a great time to head outdoors to play, it’s best to bundle up to help prevent hypothermia, especially if you’re walking around in the dark.


It’s hard to believe, but in San Diego it can get downright chilly in March! According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature in March is 55.9 degrees. However, temperatures can soar to over 85 in some parts of the county, while temperatures dip down to the low 40s or even below freezing in inland areas.


The spring cold snap that hit California this past February was the coldest February on record since 1924. This was the first time since records began that the region had an average temperature below freezing for an entire month. A quick trip to the coast with your family will likely confirm that the ocean air is still chilly, and you can expect to find temperatures in the 50s and 60s in most inland locations.


While it’s not always easy to determine the coldest month in California due to our mild ocean temperatures and our propensity for sunny weather, we can still take a guess by calculating the average monthly temperature in the mountains and the average in the lowlands. An easy way to do this is to find a table of historical weather data for your city. These are usually available online.


The first half of the month tends to be the coldest, with an average temperature around 60 degrees. The second half of the month tends to be warmer, with an average temperature around 73 degrees.


If you are wondering which month has the coldest average temperatures in San Diego, you’re in luck! Winter is the coldest season here with an average temperature of 55.9 degrees. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 75.6 degrees.


January is the coldest month in San Diego. On average, the average temperature during the month is 68.5 degrees. This is 0.9 degrees lower than the average temperature in October, which is the warmest month in the region.

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