You don’t need anyone to tell you how important your smile is. When you have a wide and open smile, those around you are more comfortable. This is because they know you’re friendly and someone they can be easy with. Despite this, many folks aren’t happy with their smiles. Are you a person that tries to hide their smile rather than showing it off? If this is the case, then you might be sending out the wrong vibes to others about you. You might look aloof, stern, or even unhappy.

Who Is The Best Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego ?

For anyone who makes a living in sales or anything involving public contact, the possibility of cosmetic issues with their teeth is something that have a negative influence on their professional success. Cosmetic dentistry in our San Diego office covers the whole spectrum of potential procedures, including but not limited to teeth whitening, straightening out misaligned teeth, implants to replace missing teeth, chair side crowns, or even coming up with a beautiful smile thanks to porcelain veneers. Quite a few of the best real estate professionals and those in other industries rely on Dr. White, trusting him to be San Diego’s best cosmetic dentist. They are effusive in their praise, but the million dollar smiles they have are the real testament.

Patients that finally choose to fix there smile are usually over the moon about the results they get, especially as seen in the dramatic changes between before and after images that they can look at. A lot of them bring their loved ones, kids, and friends for evaluation and then treatment so they might also benefit the relief from finally being free to laugh at people’s jokes without having to hide their whole smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has leaped ahead in dramatic fashion in the last few years. Now, even very anxious patients can have more than one procedure done during the same visit. This can happen thanks to the popular advances centered around the administration as well as monitoring of what’s known as conscious dental sedation.

Anxious patients don’t have to worry about their looming dental procedures or lose any sleep over them. Once they get cosmetic dentistry done in our La Jolla office, most of our patients tell us that they feel quite relaxed and don’t have any memory of their treatment.

Dr. White and his professionals have gone through extensive training in the science of conscious sedation, meaning that patients are safe and comfortable during their treatment. The advantage of having more than one procedure done during a single visit is really appreciated by anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to put into getting a dream smile. Using cutting-edge equipment and only the latest and greatest dental techniques, it’s now possible to fix a whole lifetime of anguish about dental faults in only a week.

How can you know when cosmetic dentistry is for you?

The best way you can find out if you’re a candidate for something like cosmetic dentistry is just be scheduling a consultation with Dr. White himself. In your cosmetic dentistry consultation, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you might have, discover which specific procedures might benefit you the most, and why so many of his patients are adamant about him being the best dentist in San Diego.

Dr. White is a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist who says that from his professional experience, you’ll get the very best results from many cosmetic dentistry procedures if any or more of the following circumstances might apply to you currently or in the future:

  1. You’d like to recapture the youthful appearance you once had.
  2. You’re not happy with any earlier attempts at fixing your teeth.
  3. You’ve got missing teeth or you’re about to lose some because of fracture or decay.
  4. You’ve got chronically bad breath.
  5. You think you’re an actual dental disaster that has nowhere else to turn.
  6. You have burning sensations or numbness in your mouth.
  7. You’ve suffered through a sports accident or motor vehicle incident and you’d like to regain your appearance and/or function
  8. You currently wear dentures and are tired or frustrated with the goo, pain, and embarrassment of having teeth that can physically fall down onto your plate.

As a san diego cosmetic dentist himself, Dr. Charles White wants you to know that it’s not necessary to keep going through life having a smile which you don’t like. Given his skilled artistry and modern technology, it’s possible for you to have a smile that you can only dream of otherwise. It’s not something that has to hurt, and you don’t have to wait forever either. If you’re in a rush, then Dr. White can fix your smile completely in just a single week!

Our Procedures For Making Over Your Smile

A smile makeover might be just as simple as getting some professional teeth whitening done, but it might also mean a sequence of procedures that alter the sizes, shapes, and color of your teeth. You’ll get a thorough consultation with Dr. White the best cosmetic dentist in San Diego, so you can choose which of the various procedures we have is best for you.