Full Metal Solutions

AP Precision offers a complete package of smart, turnkey manufacturing solutions. They provide cutting, forming, welding, finishing and integration services.

A scalable fabrication approach to pattern liquid metal features directly over elastomeric substrates is reported. The resulting stretchable conductors display high pattern resolution, ultra-high electrical conductivity and mechanical durability.

Durable Packaging Solutions

Metal solutions are custom built to support your specific assembly process, enhance warehouse efficiencies and ensure line-side product protection. Unlike conventional plastics, tin and aluminum offer opaque product protection that helps eliminate UV light that can cause damage to the contents.

The number of packaging functions/formats that are reported in the empirical HFW literature (EMP) and in industry press releases articles (PRs) with potential to reduce HFW rose steadily over the years 2006-2018 but then decreased sharply in 2019-2021. The PRs contain useful details about the technical properties of the packaging materials and publication dates allowing a timeline of packaging development to emerge.

The solutions identified in the PRs were sorted into 28 food categories and 30 packaging categories/functions enabling a more considered approach to what is being developed. A strong Eurocentric-particularly UK-focus was evident, with over double the amount of publications compared to North America and five times that of Oceania. This was unsurprising given the large amounts of HFW that occur in these countries/regions.

Metal Racks

Storage racks are often made from metal, which has an incredibly long lifespan and can handle heavy weights. Many different industries use them, including restaurants, metal fabrication, storage, and shipping. They can be bolted, welded, or clipped together to form shelving units that store materials and equipment.

Steel is a common material to create commercial racks, and it has a number of advantages over alternative types. It’s durable, adaptable, and inexpensive. It’s also often used in high-stress environments, such as a warehouse.

For a home garage or workshop, this three-pack of five-shelf units is a great option for keeping things organized. It features a lower tier with hooks for hats and jackets, a mid-tier rod for a roll of paper towels, and an upper shelf with a hanging bar for heavier items such as tool boxes or bicycle wheels. It comes with a rear wheel hook that’s coated to protect rims from damage. The manufacturer claims it fits mountain or fat tires up to 5-inches wide.

Safety First

Safety first is more than a catchy phrase at AP Precision; it is a way of life for the team. It’s imperative that any manufacturing company prioritizes its employees’ safety, not only to protect the health and well-being of everyone on the job site but also to keep production moving when it would otherwise be halted by a workplace accident. That’s why it’s important to offer regular safety training and refreshers, to promote good communication, develop better situational awareness, and identify when an employee’s state of mind may pose a risk. Consistent training will combat the natural human tendency to forget and also go a long way towards establishing an environment of trust and community. UL 3400 certification reinforces that safety is always at the forefront of all company efforts.

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