Lantern Crest is a Premier Senior Living Community in East San Diego County dedicated to ensuring the Happiness, Hope, and Resort Lifestyle Fulfillment of each of our Residents. Situated on 34 acres with Panoramic views, our Multi-Level community offers Retirement, Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Since our inception in 2013 with The Ridge, our Premiere Assisted Living and Memory Care Neighborhoods, we have continued to grow by responding to the needs and desires of our current and prospective Residents. In 2014, we celebrated the Grand Opening of The Pointe, our stunning Resort-Style Independent Living Apartments and Grounds. Our newly-constructed Retirement Villas, richly designed to embody the light, airy comfort of home, will open in Summer 2017. The Retirement Villas are perfect for those Residents who want their Own Homes with Garages, free from all House-Trappings. This provides for the Best of All Life-Styles for our Active-Seniors.

Assisted living in San Diego offers a multitude of services and facilities, ranging from home care to medical facilities. There are many factors which are considered while choosing the best facility for your loved one. One of the main criteria is the location where you want your family member to stay. You can either choose a facility near your home or a facility far away but near your office or work.

It is important to determine the requirements of your family members before making your decision. If your elder sibling has no health problems then you can take him/her to the home care facility. The elderly family member can be kept at home by providing him/her with the necessary care. You should be able to pay the monthly charges of the home care service in case your elder sister or brother needs some extra medical help. You can also decide on the medical assistance provided to your family member and pay for it.

Assisted living in San Diego can be arranged for senior family members who do not require any nursing or medical care. There are many places where you can find these kinds of homes for seniors, but the best choice depends on your family member's requirements. Your family member should have a positive attitude and be willing to learn about his/her disability so that they can live a comfortable life.

If your elder daughter or son is physically challenged and requires some special kind of care then the best option is to opt for an assisted living San Diego. There are many home care services which are offered to provide this kind of services for those who are physically challenged and need special care. Home care centers provide a safe environment for the disabled and enable them to lead an active life. Your elderly relatives do not have to spend the rest of their life alone. A home care agency will provide special services for senior citizens such as:

There are also some senior home care services that provide transportation services for their senior family members. You can also select between self-directed home care or home health agencies. Both of these options provide a safe environment to your elderly relative and ensure that they have the freedom to enjoy their surroundings.

Assisted living in San Diego, is a way of providing your loved ones with comfort and independence. It is a good option for all ages. If you are not ready to commit to paying monthly fees for home care, then it would be wise to check out the various home health agencies available to provide their basic needs like medical care, personal care, transportation and assistance in bathing and dressing.