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Bentley and Microsoft Expand Alliance for Digital Twin Innovation

A popular framework is now in operation in many cities, helping them solve pandemic shocks, minimize costs and increase performance.

Bentley Systems and Microsoft are extending a relationship that focuses on putting smart city planning and digital twins to fruition on a larger scale. With Bentley Systems’ iTwins system, Microsoft’s Azure IoT Digital Twins and Azure Maps allow planners, engineers and other stakeholders to work with a robust digital twin city.

This would reduce costs and increase productivity. Planners will operate collaboratively across a common network, and the collaboration is intended to enhance overall infrastructure across the board.

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City planning with virtual twins

The technology is now in operation in many cities, helping them resolve pandemic disruptions, cut costs, and boost efficiency — all with a digital twin-engine system. The city or organisation is re-created to the last detail in a simulated environment , enabling people to test potential improvements and submit remarks.

Dublin, Ireland, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, is a clear example of the truth of the relationship. Dublin is partnering with Bentley to develop this capability to reduce total costs and hinder clear growth plans. The software guarantees that people can access proposed improvements and submit feedback from home.

The pandemic has transformed the way cities cope with these changes, but the expanded relationship has facilitated a response. Microsoft and Bentley Technologies are reimagining the idea of simulated worlds as cities grapple with urban change.

The approach is adaptable and flexible, offering a form of preparation that can set the precedent for the future. The scheme would also change the manner in which people conduct industrial development. In reality, the city is still using Bentley’s award-winning (Microsoft 2020 MSUS Partner Award) 4D construction-modeling program.

Barcelona Stadium FC

The reconstruction of Espai Barça, although the team continues to host tournaments, is another initiative supported by the collaboration. The team also built a digital twin of the stadium using the same 4D building modeling tools.

The app allows the staff to handle the timetable needed to work around the matches. As the stadium shifts, the team will continue to play with limited inconvenience to spectators and the team.

The Extended Relationship

The collaboration will broaden the initiative. ProjectWise 365 is an add-on designed to improve speed and agility during design collaboration. It’ll be available on Microsoft’s commercial marketplace.

Users would have extended arrangements for the collection and retrieval of operating data. This will exploit Azure Digital Twins, IoT Center, and Time Series Perspectives. Bentley Systems is an infrastructure architecture firm, and Microsoft facilitates digital transformation with an intuitive cloud and smart edge.

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