Digital Twin Tech Helps Businesses Analyze And Apply Data

vScenario, a company based in San Diego, CA, would like to reach out to local businesses with their Digital Twin technology. A digital twin allows the analysis of data to be applied to the real world in order to research, create or test any potential scenario that may occur. It creates a bridge between the digital and the physical by reproducing a virtual replica of a physical thing or place that can be analyzed and have multiple scenarios run through it. It can be used to monitor, diagnose and optimize performance in multiple ways.

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object or process that can be used for any of a variety of purposes. It reflects physical objects and processes throughout their life cycle. There are a variety of different applications for the software, and many companies make use of digital twins to carry out a number of operations.

At vScenario, they use virtual twins in design, construction, building analysis and scenario training development of a specific location. Digital twins can solve a variety of problems long before they happen. The technology is capable of detecting minute building shifts over time, for instance, and can be used to identify solutions to any potential problems that may arise as a result of this. The list of applications is nearly endless and new uses for digital twins appear every day.

“Utilizing reality capture in a pre-design phase allows for highly specialized engineers to analyze data in real time and act on insight rather than intuition,” vScenario says. “The end result is a technology based solution that saves project dollars. vScenario’s use of virtual technology in the development of a building design aids their structural and civil engineering capabilities. Creating a digital twin replica of an area or building before it is built optimizes the operations maintenance and troubleshoots potential problems.”

Digital twins, or virtual twins, were first developed during the early days of space exploration, with NASA using an early form of the software to operate, maintain or repair systems that were not within close proximity of their engineers. Virtual twins helped solve the Apollo 13 crisis by allowing NASA to come up with a way to bring the crew back alive using the limited power and water they had access to. This was done by making the virtual twin on earth mirror the virtual twin of the Apollo 13 mission. They managed to determine how the crew could be rescued by doing this, and it was all possible thanks to virtual twins.

“The success of bringing the Apollo 13 crew back to earth alive is a testament to how a virtual twin is a necessary tool,” says vScenario. “Today, NASA continues to use digital twins to develop recommendations and roadmaps. The incorporation of data and use of digital twins is essential in many fields today. In the medical field too, surgeons and healthcare professionals can practice procedures on simulated patients or organs before operating on a human patient.”

Singapore has created ‘Virtual Singapore,’ a 3-dimensional semantic model with data related to the real world. It displays land, transportation and building attributes while incorporating real time data of crowds, climate and traffic. ‘Virtual Singapore’ helps improve accessibility to specific areas, simulates emergency situations and establishes evacuation protocols to ensure that, if an emergency should ever arise, the authorities would be prepared to act.

Digital twin technology is widely used in troubleshooting — vScenario is one company that makes extensive use of the software and excels at it. Their patent pending virtual technology application creates a platform where their clients’ buildings can have their functionality and execution tested before construction.

vScenario offers management services aimed at supporting building owners with their construction projects. They combine years of experience with their expertise and innovative solutions. The company follows a simple philosophy: “Hire the best team, build a strong culture and push the paradigm of what can be expected in everything we do. We say ‘imagine if you did not have to imagine again.’”

The company aims to be at the forefront of innovation and invention and is always looking to reach new heights of excellence. For more information on vScenario and their extensive use of digital twins, visit their website.

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