San Diego Deck Builders Discuss the Signs That Indicate a Deck Needs a Repair

San Diego deck builders, Best Rate Repair, want their customers to know the signs that indicate it may be time to get a deck repaired. They say that periodic deck repairs are necessary to keep a deck structurally sound, help it stay looking good, and most importantly keep it safe to use. Bets Rate Repair is a company that specializes in expert deck repair, so they are familiar with the many problems that impact decks and need to be corrected right away. At the very least, those at the company advise homeowners to get their deck inspected right away if they have concerns about any problems they are currently experiencing with their decks.

Jack, a spokesperson for Best Rate Repair, added, “Most people are under the assumption that because their deck is made of pressure-treated wood or natural hardwoods that it’s pretty much impervious to having problems. This entirely not true. All types of wood decks need to have periodic maintenance done on them such as painting or staining them to help preserve the wood. Even synthetic decks are not problem-free and need to be repaired from time to time. A deck is also something you never want to put off getting repaired if it needs it. This is especially true if the problem someone is experiencing impacts a deck’s structural integrity and safety.”

He went on to say that some of the signs that indicate a deck needs to be repaired include boards that are rotting (soft) or have developed a significant number of deep cracks. Boards warping at the ends or throughout the length of them also cause structural concerns and can be a tripping hazard that makes a deck unsafe. Jack says that pressure-treated wood is even prone to warping over time. The company spokesperson added that another big area of concern with decks is corrosion of the nails, joist support plates, and other fasteners that help keep a deck together. That’s because if too many of these become overly corroded and give way it will make a deck unsafe to use.

According to Jack, the best way to be sure if a deck needs to be repaired or not is to call a deck professional like them to come and take a look at it. He added that they even perform deck inspections for free. When Best Rate Repair inspects a deck, an experienced company tech will look for such things as excessive warping or cracking in floorboards, railing sturdiness problems, and the corrosion of nail heads and other fasteners. He says they will even take a good look at the supports underneath to make sure they are still firmly embedded and are not showing signs of such concerns as termite or other bug infestations.

Jack from Best Rate Repair also informed that there are times that whole deck replacement may be a better solution than deck repair. This includes older decks that are showing signs of excessive rotting or cracking in many pieces of wood. Problems with railings and erosion around supports are also a big concern and are signs that maybe it’s time to replace an entire deck instead of attempting to repair it. According to Jack, if deck repair bills are starting to add up, then whole deck replacement might actually be the less expensive alternative too. He also reminded that a customer having to replace a deck is not always a bad thing. The company spokesperson says that this is especially true for those that moved into a house with an existing deck already in place. They now will have the opportunity to let the experts at Best Rate Repair design and build a new deck for them that incorporates the features into it that best suit a homeowner’s needs. Jack says this can make any deck even more enjoyable to own.

For those that have concerns about possibly needing a deck repair, Jack encourages them to get in touch with Best Rate Repair by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on their website.

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