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The two large boats, SS Moonlight & SS Encinitas, are proud to be beach houses that have been an integral part the city’s history since the 1920s. The two houses, shaped like boats, were designed and built in 1929 out of pieces of wood from two historic buildings that were demolished in 1928: the Moonlight Beach Dance Salon and the Moonlight Beach Dance Pavilion / Ballroom / Bathhouse located on the third floor of the Encinita Hotel.


Encinitas, California, has named its beach and six miles of Pacific coast after it and is a beautiful reminder of the historic beach culture of Highway 101 that flourished here in the mid-19th century. The city’s eclectic downtown attracts surfers and hippies alike, and its unique and dynamic mix of San Diego’s top surf shops, coffee shops and record shops, not to mention the city’s coveted hidden gems at the beach. Encinita’s distinctive and quirky personality just 25 miles south of San Diego attracts not only surfers flocking to the cities six miles off the Pacific Coast, but also visitors who want to explore the cities with their fantastic attractions, restaurants, live music and shops.

Encinitas offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy an authentic SoCal surf city experience with its rustic beaches, cool boutiques and casual restaurants. Encinitas, California, with its sandy beaches and some of the liveliest botanical gardens in the world, promises adventure and relaxation.

Encinitas, California is located in the northern San Diego County in southern California and has been described as the California Beach Town par excellence. The city is known for its beautiful weather, relaxed atmosphere, breathtaking beaches and perfect surfing conditions, making it one of the best surfing areas in the world.

Moonlight Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Encinitas, and for good reason. It is also one of the most popular destinations in both Encinita and San Diego, as it is the main beach between the two cities. The beach starts on Encitas Boulevard, turns into a street and is one of the city’s most popular beaches with locals and tourists alike.

At the foot of Leucadia Boulevard are steps to Beacon Beach, one of the most popular spa, fishing, surfing and picnic spots in Encinitas. Moonlight State Beach stretches along a cliff a few blocks from the train station and the end of Encinitas Boulevard at the freeway exit.

Stroll through the San Elijo Nature Reserve, swim, enjoy beach activities, moonlight on the beach or play a fun golf round on Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. If the tide is not high, you can walk from Swamis Beach to San Antonio State Beach.

One of the best things in Encinitas and California is to visit San Elijo State Beach. Visit Cardiff State Beach if you are in the Escondido / Encinitas / San Diego area. This beach is located just outside San ElIJO and is one of the most interesting in the city.

The best beaches for surfing in Encinitas are Beacon Beach, Grandview Beach, Moonlight Beach and Swamis Beach. All the beaches in town have great vantage points, but my favorite beaches where you can see the ocean are Grandview, Moonlight, D Street Viewpoint and Swamis Beach.

Campfires on the beach are among the best activities in Encinitas at this time of year. My favorite beach for surfing in the city is Swamis, immortalized in the Beach Boys song “Surfin in the USA.”. Located in Self Realization Fellowship, a retreat in a meditation garden, the beach is a kind of surfer’s haven, attracting hundreds of surfers every year.

Located within walking distance of Moonlight Beach and downtown, the Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites features rooms with balconies. Perched on a hill overlooking picturesque Moonlight Beach, 9 stunning Best Western accommodations range from $150 to $300.

Beacon Beach, one of the most popular bathing, fishing, surfing and picnic spots in Encinitas, is a state park but does not accept annual or day passes.

Meditation Garden is located next to Swamis Beach and shares the beach area with the other one. Self-Realization Fellowship is a quiet place with a meditation garden and koi pond overlooking the beach. The Self-Realization Fellowship Golden Dome is one of the first landmarks that visitors recognize when they enter Encinitas from downtown San Diego.

The San Dieguito Heritage Museum was founded in 1988 to preserve the rich and unique cultural heritage of the San Diego River Basin, which includes Olive Grove, Solana Beach del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Leucadia, Cardiff and of course Encinitas. The San DieGuito river region and its towns are: Leucadianas, Encinitas, Cardiff, Solana Beach del Mar, olive groves and rancho santa fe.

This guide includes some of the best beaches, great places for live entertainment, restaurants, outdoor activities, places to shop and not to be missed activities in the Encinitas / San Diego area. If you want more information about what San Diego has to offer, see my post: 15 Best Things to Do in San Diego and 15 Popular Beaches in and around San Diego. Re just a short drive away, so enjoy the best things in the city of San Diego before returning to your tranquil beach holiday in Encinita.

The Encinitas beer garden is a great place to hang out with friends after a day at the beach. Plan more than a walk on the old Highway 101 for a few hours under the moonlight, as the beach ride offers more flexibility and options.