Want to buy a property but not aware of the best sellers in your locality? A quick search online will tell you that Walgreens is one of the most trusted agents offering accurate details about the sale and lease of hundreds of properties.

Why Walgreens?

Anyone investing in a net-leased property to Walgreens will say that it is the most secure and safest real estate investment avenue ever. The properties available on Walgreens for sale come with a guarantee of full assets backed by the billion-dollar corporations.

Investors often complain that other retail investment properties don’t guarantee full assets, and that can be a concern for many who are looking to invest safely on multiple properties. You can trust Walgreens because they don’t default even for a month. They pay the lease rent every month on time, and that’s why they are the most reputed in the real estate industry.

Buying properties from Walgreens


As a first-timer, it is tough to trust a real estate company because everyone claims they are the best. But if you do a quick background check, you will notice that the properties offered by Walgreens for sale come with zero cost exposure and zero landlord responsibilities. Properties that are leased to Walgreens always have zero management responsibilities, and you need not worry about any unforeseen expenses. It is one of the reputed real estate companies that have provided shelter to thousands over the years.

Many investors want a hassle-free experience when it comes to investing in properties. They don’t want to spend on additional costs like establishment fees and such other expenses. Walgreens will make sure that you skip that part because they take care of all these things before you make a down-payment for the property. For example, if you are planning to buy a drugstore, it will already have the standard drugstore lease before you make the initial payment. It comes under the triple-net standard where the tenant, which is Walgreens in this case, is obligated to pay and manage all operating expenses such as insurance, property taxes, and additional fees.

No hidden fees

Another reason why Walgreens is on top of the wishlist of real estate investors is they don’t have any hidden costs in their documentation. They firmly believe in “what you see, you pay.” You don’t have any ownership headaches, and that is a big bonus for those who don’t want to get too many documentation involving ownership paperwork. Owning a property provided by Walgreens for sale is almost like owning a corporate bond. Since the properties are leased to Walgreens, your investment produces a fixed yield that continues until maturity. All the paperwork and expense accounts are well-maintained so that you don’t fall into the trap of complicated real estate investments.

Depreciation, leverage, and tax savings


Property owners enjoy a variety of financial benefits like depreciation, leverage, and tax savings if they buy a property leased to Walgreens. You can use your borrowed money to increase your cash flow for your short-term needs. On the other hand, many investors prefer to structure a long-term loan plan for their many real estate investments. If the loan provider sees that you are applying for a property loan leased to Walgreens, you automatically get the edge over others. So, you get more favorable terms than others if you invest in a commercial property.

Apart from leverage, depreciation of the commercial real estate investment also offers significant facilities in tax-saving schemes. This is one of the reasons why investors like Walgreens so much. They can allocate a part of their net worth to other properties instead of thinking of saving for property taxes. Depreciation is calculated on a straight-line basis for properties under Walgreens. Most properties are depreciated for 39 years, and investors can calculate the approximate amount they can save in these years.

Walgreens offers the best investment planning tool.


Long-term real estate investment may be risky in different countries, but the properties leased to Walgreens provide an edge over the others because investors can plan their investments according to the facilities offered by this company. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing Walgreens over others:

• Provides a secure and guaranteed cash flow for more than 20 years.
• There are zero cost exposure and zero landlord responsibilities.
• You can save thousands from the depreciation and leverage schemes.

Buying real estate is not a matter of joke. You need to research thoroughly on a company before trusting them on an investment that can yield thousands and even millions in the long-run. Walgreens is one company that is trusted by millions all over the world. Their attention towards the location of the properties helps investors to get maximum return on their investment. So, trusting Walgreens will be a decision that can earn a pocket full of cash in the future.