San Diego Digital Marketing Local Blitz Company Expands into Indianapolis

Indianapolis native Nick Bennett will be moving back to Indiana to open an office and develop the midwest market of Local Blitz, a digital marketing firm. This will be the first national branch of a company Bennett co-founded with Simon White.

Local Blitz was founded by Bennett and White in 2010.  Local Blitz is a SEO and digital marketing agency providing small and medium businesses with services in digital sales funnels. Through online paid advertising on Facebook and Google, and with email marketing, Local Blitz clients can increase their reach to potential customers. Currently working with clients in  fields such as real estate, medical, entertainment, and automotive, Local Blitz provides the expertise in ensuring a client’s company’s website and online presence is maximized to its highest potential for engine optimization and conversion to sales. The Local Blitz team uses their knowledge to review and change site content and structure and can provide technical advice on hosting.  The team of writers understand keyword research, content development and provide expertise in specific markets and geographies.

With a background in electrical engineering, marketing, sales and real estate, White’s strengths complement those of Bennetts, whose background includes sales, TV Commercials, photography, retailing, and copywriting.  Their Local Blitz team is balanced out with others in various fields like education, press release writing, graphic design, and business organization.

Working in a different time zones ensures longer hours covered to assist clients needs.

Indianapolis is advantageous as a home to a second Local Blitz agency since it has the 27th largest economic region of the US.  The businesses of finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, health care, and trade could benefit from the services of Local Blitz Marketing. The Indianapolis office will be fully open by end of June 2019 with the San Diego office continuing to service clients through their Encinitas and City Heights locations.

To contact Local Blitz or for your questions answered on any digital marketing needs,  please go to:

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